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What is the difference between occupational and physical therapy?

Occupational Therapy is treatment that helps individuals achieve independence and improve one's ability to perform daily activities.

Physical therapists focus on the large motor groups that contribute to walking, reaching, standing and physical activities. They work on strength, balance, range of motion and swelling as well as pain to encourage independence.

How should I dress for my treatment sessions?

Most of the time you will be instructed to wear loose fitting clothing such as t-shirts and shorts or sweats. There are some areas in our facilities where you can change should weather or other circumstances prevent you from coming appropriately dressed.

What should I bring with me?

For your first visit you will need your insurance card, and any paperwork that was sent to you that needed to be filled out. If you have any operative reports, MRI or X-ray results, you may bring those as well, but they are not necessary. Additionally, if you are utilizing any type of brace, splint, or crutches, those should come with you.


Will my insurance pay for my physical therapy treatments?

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How long will my visits last?

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During my treatments, what type of exercise and/or equipment will I be using to make my health better? Can I choose what exercises I do or what equipment I use?

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How can I make an appointment?

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What is the co-pay for physical therapy?

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Do patients have to work on a certain time limit, or can they work at their own time?

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