Aqua Therapy

We have installed a pool just for the use of Aqua Therapy. Patients are lead through a series of specially designed exercises that, with the aid of the water’s buoyancy and resistance, can help improve joint flexibility. The underwater treadmill is especially helpful with knee and hip rehabilitation as well as other underwater features designed for specific injuries. Our trained exercise specialists experienced in supervising adult exercise and therapy programs know just what is needed to support those with special needs.


  • 4′ Deep Indoor Heated Pool (92-96F)
  • 2 Underwater Treadmills
  • Jacuzzi with jets
  • Lift for getting in and out of pool. (can accommodate up to 400lbs)
  • Separate Men’s/Women’s facilities for showering, changing etc.

Benefits of Aqua Therapy:

  • Buoyancy of water takes off at least 50% of weight
  • Resistance in the water help decrease swelling
  • Work on your injuries in a pain free or pain-reduced setting
  • The warm water and gentle movements can help relieve pain and stiffness
  • If you have fibromyalgia it helps with joint relief


Aqua therapy Can Do Gentleman using pool