Return to Work/Vocational Rehabilitation

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Is a reproducible, objective evaluation process which determines a person’s physical ability to do work. The test assesses the client’s:

  • strength

  • endurance

  • coordination

  • pain behavior

  • 18 symptom magnification

  • lifting tolerance

  • flexibility

  • tolerance for repetitive movements

  • position tolerance (sitting, standing, kneeling, crawling, etc.)

The test can suggest or eliminate potential occupational areas for the client in terms of his physical functional ability. Referrals can be made by vocational rehabilitation specialists, attorneys, insurance companies, industrial nurses, personnel managers, but must ultimately come from a physician.

Work Hardening

Utilizes a functionally progressive activity program to prepare a person to return to work

Vocational Rehabilitation Program Components:

  • overall muscle conditioning

  • postural re-education and body mechanics

  • re-establish work ethic

  • cardiovascular reconditioning

  • work endurance training

  • work simulation activities

  • stress management

Program Profile:

  • Evaluation includes an entry-level interview, a functional capacity evaluation, and a physical therapy evaluation.

  • Schedule: Each program is individually designed by a physical therapist, according to the evaluation results. The program varies from 2 to 8 hours per day for 2 to 8 weeks.

**All programs are designed and supervised by a registered Physical Therapist.

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